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Packaging Cost Saving

Never neglect the potential cost saving you can get by switching from your existing long-time packaging materials purchase. 

If your manufacturing needs a survey to look into area of possible cost savings in packaging materials, contact us for an appointment.

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Distribution Warehousing Improvement

Our sales team provides free site visit at your distribution warehouse to provide ideas and sustainable materials to help you to achieve lean warehousing practice and sustainable shipping process. Warehouse work process flow can be studied and improved to realize cost saving. 

Business Growth

Sustainable Shipping & Warehousing Practice

Type of packaging materials and amount of packaging wastage will be analyzed to determine feasibility towards sustainable shipping & warehousing practice. 

Our Products

Green Shipping Products

Our green shipping products cover OptiLedge, Corrugated Paper Pallet, Corrugated Paper Crate etc. 


Sustainable Warehousing Products

Our core sustainable warehousing products include Box Latch and Corner Clips. 


Heavy-Duty Products

Apart from our green products, we custom produces paper pallet, paper crate and carton box for heavy duty loads packaging requirement. 

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New Innovation Products

Our R&D team constantly working with production and customer to create new innovative products to cater for new packaging trend and requirement. 

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Our sales & marketing team consists of a group of passionate and energetic individuals who carry the company's vision to provide professional sales & service to customers towards helping them to achieve lean manufacturing and sustainable operations. 

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