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About Us 

Flow Packaging Sdn Bhd was established to revolutionize industrial packaging market by providing Eco-friendly & innovative packaging products (such as Optiledge & Box Latch) and cost-cutting & alternative sourcing solutions for manufacturing factories, distributions centers and logistics companies. 

We serve a wide range of customers in different industries for their packaging needs. Our products can be supplied as outer or inner package for domestic transfer & export shipping to various industries, such as food & beverage, pharmaceutical, automotive, aerospace, machinery, beverage, electronic, warehousing, distribution centers, furniture, plastics, many others.

Our product list covers OptiLedge, Box Latch, Layer Pad, Paper Crate Box, Paper Pulp, Corrugated Sheet etc. 

List of our competitive advantages in this price competitive packaging industry:

(1) Offering innovative, lean & environmental friendly packaging products as replacement

(2) 3R Concepts of Packaging Solutions (Reuse, Reduce & Recycle) and at the same time with return of investment, ROI

(3) Provides highly-rated after sales service, sales support & product improvement to customers

(4) Provides reliable alternative sourcing platform for manufacturers

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