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Widening Usage of Corrugated Carton Box

Corrugated carton box possess a lot of advantages that helps widen its application in the market. Firstly, it is ideal for stacking during shipment. Many factors affect the stability of the boxes which are quality of the corrugated board, box design as well as direction of fluting. 

Corrugated carton box is a more cost effective packaging material too as it can be mass-produced at lower capital expenditure and safely with less environmental impact. 

Besides, corrugated carton box can be custom-made to carry heavy goods such as machinery, electrical appliances, furniture etc. Corrugated carton box of double-wall, triple-wall as well as quadruple-wall can be made to cater for these heavy duty products. 

Corrugated carton boxes are made of eco-friendly and easily accessible material - Tree pulps while the glue is ordinary starch that is used to combine the liner sheets. Besides, carton box is fully recyclable. 

Light-weight corrugated box is another advance as it makes transportation process less expensive and more effective. Most importantly, corrugated carton box can be custom-manufactured according to different packing requirement. 

Flow Packaging is an established supplier who supplies corrugated carton box (storage bin, paper tray, fruit box) of various specification to cater for different applications in Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Seremban, Melaka and Johor. 

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