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Pressed Wood Pallet / Compressed Wood Pallet

Compressed wood pallet also named pressed wood pallet or molded wood pallet. It offers a high performance and low cost alternative to conventional wooden pallet. Compressed wood pallet is suitable for one-way domestic and export shipping. 

Compressed wood pallet has good resistance to pallet edge damage related to handling. This is because compressed wood pallet doesn't require nails or staples to form the joints. 

The other advantage of compressed wood pallet is it is normally lighter than new hardwood pallet. Molded wood pallet is made of processed wood and therefore exempted from IPPC-ISPM 15 regulation. Molded wood pallet has low moisture content thus less likely to promote growth of mold and attract moisture sensing pets. 

With a space saving ratio of 2.5 to 1, you can store 1,200 molded pallets compared to 480 conventional pallets in an area of 320 square feet.

The rounded corners and tapered legs of compressed wood pallet also prevent tearing of outer stretch-wrap and damage to products. These design features directly reduce product damage and worker related claims due to injuries.

Apart from OptilLedge as our core wooden pallet replacement product, we are capable of supplying medium and high grade compressed wood pallet upon customer's request for Malaysia market. 

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