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Corrugated Paper - Solution for Sustainable Packaging

The topic of paper vs plastic has been in debate for many decades till today. Single-use plastics are commonly produced due to its lower cost but it takes many years to biodegrade. Oppositely, corrugated paper materials will biodegrade within few months. 

In the context of waste management, corrugated materials is considered natural bio-based and biodegradable alternative to fossil-based products such as plastics. 

Corrugated paper is made of recyclable paper ingredients along with glue that is made of wheat or maize. Even if corrugated paper packaging end up in the nature like the sea, it will not result in catastrophic impact the the environment. 

The concept of circular economy is highly emphasized in Europe and should be followed in Malaysia market. Circular economy concept encourages the use of paper-based material towards achieving higher percentage of paper recycling. 

When comes to food storage, corrugated paper packaging is preferred as it provides great protection and minimizes spoilage. More importantly, corrugated paper packaging is dynamic and versatile as it can be made into any shape or size to suit the products such as blueberries, peach, strawberries, chocolates and so on. 

Another advantage of corrugated paper packaging in replacing traditional packaging materials is it allows more space for advertising and product labeling. 

We, as corrugated board manufacturer and carton maker, strive to held up to the circular economy concept by closed cooperation with our customers towards building sustainable packaging supply chain and protecting the environment. 

Flow Packaging is an established supplier of supplying corrugated carton box (storage bin, paper tray, fruit box) of various specification to cater for different applications in Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Seremban, Melaka and Johor. 

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