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Corrugated Box vs. Plastic Bin / Tote

For the past many years, the choice between corrugated box and plastic bin has been the most heated debate out there in the packaging industry. It’s always good to weigh the pros and cons of the these 2 packing options: corrugated box and plastic bin. While each has its pros and cons, the selection will depend primarily on the products to be packed / stored, storage environment as well as cost effectiveness. Flow Packaging is capable of supplying corrugated boxes of different thickness and quality as well as Box Latch & Corner Clips that can turn corrugated boxes into bins for Malaysia and Singapore market. 


Corrugated Boxes



(1) Cost Efficient
Corrugated boxes can made mass-produced at a lower cost. 


(2) Fully Recyclable 
Corrugated boxes are made of paper pulp and are fully recyclable. 


(3) Easy to Label 
By labeling, you'll be able to know what every box contains, as well as what’s fragile and what direction certain boxes should go in.  



(1) Can collapse and not water resistant
Corrugated boxes breaks down quickly and is, unfortunately, not water resistant. If corrugated box gets wet in storage, your items will be susceptible to mold, mildew, and other damages. 


(2) Less Protection 
Items may be more susceptible to damages when stored in corrugated boxes.


Plastic Bins   



(1) Water Resistant 
As long as the plastic bins you’ve purchased are securely closed and in good condition, they will protect contents from moisture (which happen to be attracted to corrugated box). 


(2) Multiple Colors and Sizes 
The many colors and sizes make plastic bin storage a breeze. You can color code your storage, or go with clear bins so you can see exactly where everything is. 


(3) Reusable for the Future 
While cardboard boxes may be reusable for future storing as well, plastic bins really stand the tests of time. You will most-likely have to replace a corrugated box before a quality plastic bin. 



(1) High Cost
Unlike corrugated boxes, plastic bin will not be available easily free of charge. Cost difference between corrugated boxes and plastic bins can be significant. 


(2) Less Environmentally Friendly 
While most cardboard boxes are made from post-consumer recycled material and can be recycled again, bins are made from plastic which takes significantly longer to break down. 

(3) Require big storage space 

Plastic bin is rigid in shape and not foldable therefore occupies large storage space when not in use

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