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Die-cutting, Creasing & Scoring

Die-cutting is a manufacturing process which utilizes die cut mold to cut corrugated paperboard into custom shapes and to crease custom folding lines on the paperboard.


The die-cutting is an indispensable procedure towards producing corrugated printed boxes, paper layer pads, as well as paper partition/nesting. 

In the process of converting corrugated paperboard into boxes / layer pad / nesting, the die-cutting and creasing operations are usually performed simultaneously in the flat-bed die-cutting station, which can be either off-line or in-line with the printing press. To achieve desired paper product quality, it is important to choose the right tools, machine settings, types of paperboard and conditions for the paperboard.

A good die cut should be clean and free from loose fibres and possesses accurate and clean edges. Die-cut blanks will remain linked to one another by nicks. An optimum nick quality is important to obtain a clean and clear cut. 

Creasing & Scoring

Creasing is a process that facilitates the paper for folding by creating two parallel folding points. It is recognized by the bead created on the inside of the fold. Whereas, a score creates one stress point for the paper to fold. 

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