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Distribution Warehouse Improvement

Triple Bottom Line (TBL) thinking should be encouraged towards achieving success in warehouse management. The indicators of success of TBL includes social/people, environmental, and economic feasibility. 

Besides of TBL, we work closely with our customer to achieve lean warehousing 5S practices. Some benefits we can bring about is by reducing wasted employee motion and reducing wastage of carton box. By using innovative products that we carry, you can minimize the time it takes for your employees to accomplish picking, packing, and shipping tasks via lean manufacturing methodologies. Look at the packing movement of employees and goods movement in & out of your facility. 

The results of all this creativity, innovation and effort save money and our planet by:

A) Repurposing and re-using boxes that otherwise would be sent to recycling. (This means they are supporting the Box Latch™ goal of re-using 10% of the world’s boxes 10 times in order to reduce the world’s need to recycle boxes by 40%.)

B) Extending the lives of their high quality boxes

C)  Reducing and/or eliminating tape on shipments 

D) Reducing transportation and environmental impact costs by replacing heavy, space wasting, double-high, wooden cartons with lightweight, partitioned corrugate boxes transported between locations via shrink-wrapped pallets

E)  Saving valuable floor space on their assembly floor that is now available for other uses

F)The fact that material handlers and assemblers love this system because it reduces time and motion loading parts and boxes more efficiently at their cells, as well as touch points during the assembly process

G)  Reducing the carbon imprint as petroleum-based plastic cartons within the company’s manufacturing and assembly process are replaced with corrugate boxes

H)  Curbing dunnage costs for removal of boxes previously recycled after only one use*

Benefits of Lean Warehousing 5S Practice
Lean Warehousing.png
Application of Box Latch to Achieve Lean

Expand savings as a result of  reductions of tape to be purchased and disposed of, increased productivity of workers who can work faster because it takes less time to insert and remove Box Latches™ than to cut or remove messy tape, and reduced costs related to human injuries.

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