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Wooden Pallet

Wood pallets are commonly & widely used for shipping worldwide because it is sturdy, easily available and less expensive. However, wooden pallet can be infested by pest and difficult to clean which tends to offset its pluses of cost & strength. 

Slight moisture in a wooden pallet can become a breeding ground for mold. When there is moisture, microorganism will grow and feed on the wood pallet material. 

International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) through ISPM 15 was introduced to reduce the introduction and spread of wood-boring insects. The regulation provides guidelines of treating wood pallets i.e.— heat treatment (HT) and methyl bromide (MB) treatment. Whichever treatment method is used, the pallet must be made of debarked wood, since moisture and insects are found in bark. 

Flow Packaging carries few product options as replacement to Wooden pallet. These includes OptiLedge, paper pallet as well as processed woods pallet. These products are ISPM 15 exempted. 

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