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Eco-Friendly Box for Shipping

We are proud to offer 100% recycled custom-produced boxes for shipping with different types, sizes, and configurations according to customer requirement. The boxes are not just 100% recycled, they are made from recycled paper content - and are manufactured in Malaysia.

As our eco-friendly box is customized to your specific needs, thus your products can fit perfectly in a custom shipping box made. Custom-made boxes helps creates a special unboxing experience for buyers and also helps reduces excess air in shipping. 

Our company is capable of offering eco-friendly corrugated box of varying strength and thickness. So the possibilities are limitless. If your manufacturing factory is looking for a eco-friendly custom shipping box, feel free to contact us anytime at

Below some of the eco-friendly features of the carton box that we offer: 

  • 100% recycled paper content

  • Fully recyclable and biodegradable

  • Boxes ship flat, stacked, and boxed for protection

Flow Packaging is capable of supplying eco-friendly carton box of various specification to cater for different shipping requirements in Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Seremban, Melaka and Johor. 

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