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Box Selection & Measurement

Grades of Paperboard 

Carton boxes can be made from either Kraft Paper or Recycled Paper. Kraft paper is manufactured directly from softwood trees. Due to these virgin fibres, it is both strong and easy to print on. Therefore, it is commonly used for the outside liner paper of corrugated box. On the other hand, test paper is made of recycled paper. This means it is cheaper to manufacture but it gives the paper a softer effect. It is commonly used to for the inner liner of carton boxes.

Types of Boxes

Different types of boxes including regulator slotted carton, corrugated trays, half-slotted carton, die-cut custom, full overlap carton, roll end tuck top,  five panel folder (FPF), snap-bottom carton, full telescope design carton, one-piece folder, etc. 

How to measure a carton box

Measurements of a carton box normally refer to internal dimensions of the carton, not the external dimensions. The internal and external dimensions of the box can differ according to flute type and grade.


1st dimension: Longest opening dimension.

2nd dimension: Shortest opening dimension.

3rd dimension: Height (or refer as the depth) 

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