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Corrugated Carton Box 

The strength of corrugated board is determined by the following three characteristics: 
- Bursting strength [kPa]

- Puncture resistance [J]

- Edgewise crush resistance [kN/m]

Corrugating is made by paper with different grades to make up to become corrugated box. Paper is normally produced in paper mills. 


Flute sizes consist of "A", "B", "C", "E" and "F" or microflute, whereby it refers to the number of flutes per linear foot. Number of flutes per linear foot is a more reliable representation of flute size than board thickness, which can vary according to different manufacturing factories. 

Single wall (double face) corrugated board consists of one ply of fluted paper which is glued between two plies of paper or cardboard.

The most common box type is the Regular Slotted Container (RSC).  Joint is most often joined with adhesive but may also be taped or stitched. Some boxes produces might have box maker's certificate information. Significant information includes:

1) Bursting Test or Edge Crush Test;

2) Size Limit;

3) Gross Weight Limit

Flow Packaging is an established supplier of supplying corrugated carton box (regulated slotted carton, half slotted carton, telescopic box, full overlap box) of various specification to cater for different applications in Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Seremban, Melaka and Johor. 

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