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Box Latch

Box Latches™ are designed to change the paradigm of how boxes are closed & opened. 

Box Latch™ Products are reusable alternative to tapes which helps reduce material costs (corrugated box and tape expenses) in the range of 10% to  90% through integration of Box Latch™ Products in supply chain systems. Flow Packaging is the exclusive distributor of Box Latch™ Products for Malaysia & Singapore markets. 

Carton box of double & triple wall can be reused with the application of Box Latch. In returns, high return of investment can be achieved. 

Benefits of Box Latch™ Products: 

(1) Tape reduction 

(2) Promote cardboard box re-use --> huge ROI

(3) Reduce worker injury rate

(4) Faster than hand taping / folding flaps 

(6) Doesn't destroy boxes like folding corners, taping, staples

(7) May be attached to boxes & remain a part of the box for ease in box Re-Use & Storage

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