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Benefits of Paper Fibre Drum

Paper fibre drums was invented in 20th century as alternative packaging solution to replace plastic or steel drums. Paper fibre drums or cardboard drums are commonly made of fibreboard which makes it lighter as compare to the conventional drums. This helps reduce shipping cost. Besides, high-density paperboard is less expensive as compared to plastic or steel, therefore, fibre drums are a more cost effective packaging solutions. And, paper drums has much less environmental impact as they are recyclable. The body of paper fibre drums are made up of multiple plies of parallel/spiral wound of kraft paper with strong binding between the drum body and bottom for reliable protection from rough handling.

Another advantage / benefit of paper fibre drum is it can be custom-made in terms of strength sizes as well as different covers materials to handle different products. Paper fibre drums normally have a removable lid that can be made out of paper fibre / plastic / steel. Paper fibre drums can also be lined with different inner linings to improve the drum's capability to handle liquid products. Example: Fibre drums lined with polyethylene are used for semi-liquids products, Silicone lining is used for adhesives while polyfoil lining enhances moisture protection and eliminates the need for a separate lining. 

Paper fibre drums can also withstand extreme loads and they are easy to stack, store & transport without damage. 

Fibre drums' bottom & lid can be made of galvanized sheet  steel / PE / MDF / Plywood / Laminated Kraft paper, while lid with seal and galvanized clamping ring with outer lever lock & release pins can be custom-made according to requirement. Paper fibre drums can be special made to suit different products like powders, granules, pastes, solids, semi-liquids, cable, bitumen & covering different industries including pharmaceutical, chemical, hot melt adhesives, paints, welding wire, cable, metal, lamp, waste, agricultural agents, dyes, food ingredients and food coloring's. 

Flow Packaging is an established supplier of supplying paper fibre drum / cardboard drum / kraft paper drum of various specification to cater for different applications in Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Seremban, Melaka and Johor. 

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